Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Instructor

Carol Dixon

I’m a passionate and dedicated trainer with over 30 years experience in the fitness industry.


I started off as a gym instructor through to aerobic coordinator then gym manager. It was then that I was given the opportunity to set up a GP referrals scheme. This involved coordinating with general practitioners and practice nurses, to explain all about the program, the aim of the scheme and how it will improve patient’s health, wellbeing and encourage them to lead a more active lifestyle. Over the year’s I ran that scheme, I saw so many people’s lives changed, and that was so rewarding. It was at that time I knew it was my destiny to help people have the best quality of life possible with whatever health problems they had.

Then in 2000 The British Heart Foundation and local government had funding to set up a cardiac rehabilitation scheme.  I was trained by the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention Rehabilitation and back in 2001 I set up an award-winning phase IV cardiac rehabilitation program which I ran for 20 years. Due to Covid 19, the classes had to stop and that brings me to the next chapter of my life.

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